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Measuring instruments

Stadium Grow Lighting


4More Technology produced measuring instruments for the SGL system. SGL is a company that specializes in technology for the care of sports fields all over the world. The equipment we supply provides the data that SGL needs to make analyses and to give the field managers the right advice.​



The Analyzer comes in 3 parts: the Pitch cube, the Soil cube and the Par roof.

The Pitch cube provides data that relates to the amount of light that falls on the field, and measures the humidity on the field. The Soil cube has a Soil probe, which collects the data in the soil of the field. The Par roof is placed on the roof of a stadium to measure the natural light outside the stadium.​

SGL Analyser


The Smart box is a control panel for one of the lighting installations, the "LU440", that SGL supplies to stadiums. The light of the LU440 provides a large-scale and structured way for improved grass growth in stadiums.​

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