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IRISS Analytics



The machines we supply produce a lot of information: daily, weekly, monthly and even annually. IRISS Analytics combines all data collected by IRISS vision systems and other 4More Technology products. By means of cloud tools, we can combine this data into a user-friendly overview, which we can use to help you gain a better insight into your production process.

You can combine this data with the data from your greenhouse, for example to gain a better insight into where the best products come from.

IRISS connection Priva
Priva data link

In collaboration with Priva, we have built a link where Priva receives product data from IRISS for their labor registration and we receive slab/container information.

The slab/container information contains the location where the relevant slab/container was harvested in the greenhouse. We link this information to the individual products that are processed in the machine. This information gives us the opportunity to make overviews of your greenhouse. In these overviews you can see the actual performance of your crop in terms of all measured values of the product.

All in all, managing data is becoming more and more important and convenient, and is therefore becoming indispensable for growers. It gives an advantage over the competitors who do not use data. In addition, obtaining a higher return is an indispensable fact and an absolute advantage for the growers.

More info?


Would you like more information about IRISS Analytics? Please contact us via the form or feel free to call: we are happy to answer your questions.

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