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4MT Buffer station

Solution for small sortings

In close cooperation with one of our customers, the product 4MT Buffer Station was created.

The problem they encountered was that for some sortings, only minimal numbers of roses were sorted per day. Because a separate bunching station is used for each sorting, there were bunching stations that only operated for a fraction of their capacity per day. As a solution we developed the 4MT Buffer station.​

4MT Buffer station
Quicker processing

In the existing bunching stations, roses took a long time to be processed. It needed 10 roses to form a bunch and then it buffered 3 bunched before ejecting 1 bunch. So it took relatively long before the roses were placed on water. With the 4MT buffer station, you only need 10 roses to form a bunch, so the roses ar placed on water much quicker. 

4MT Buffer station
4MT Buffer station close-up
3x more capacity


4MT Bufferstation makes it possible to process 3x as many sortings on the surface of 1 bunching station. The roses are buffered in a string belt station. In this station fit approx. 30-40 roses, depending on the bud size and the length of the station. Once the station is full, an alarm will sound. The employee can then simply empty the station and manually bunch the roses. Because of the manual bunching, an extra quality control can be done on these usually more expesive and heavier roses.


By replacing 1 bunching station with 3 4MT Buffer stations, you can process 2 extra sortings. Or add 4MT Buffer Station next to your current bunching stations. Thanks to the modular system, you have control over how many extra sortings you can accommodate.

4MT buffer station works in combination with IRISS Roses.​

More info?


Would you like more information about 4MT Buffer Station? Please contact us via the form or feel free to call: we are happy to answer your questions.

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