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Conveyor belts

Bunch positioning belt


The Bunch positioning belt came into existence due to the demand for logistical optimization. The question was: "How can we perfectly align the products that are placed on a belt by hand, for the sealing process?"

The conveyor belt is constructed in such a way that the last part of the belt can move relative to the supply belt. Due to this shift, the products on the conveyor belt can always reach the optimum position of the conveyor belt on the output side.

By automating this operation, manual correction is no longer necessary. This saves labor and therefore costs.

Bunch positioning belt

Do you want to get more out of your processing process? 4More Technology would like to help you optimize your processing process by means of our V-belts.

The V-belt is an example of an innovative logistics addition. We optimize your existing or new V-belts to get the most out of it. This optimization ensures an efficient flow in your processing process and optimal use of machine and personnel.


Waste disposal conveyer belt


When processing cut flowers such as roses and hydrangeas, small pieces of waste always originate from the production of the bunches. It is important that this waste is disposed of optimally, so that the employees on the work floor have little work to keep it clean. The 4More conveyor belts transport waste from cut flowers quickly and effectively.

So-called 'carriers' are placed on the belts. The carriers ensure that the waste is always optimally transported, so no accumulations occur on the belt. In addition, the band is fully equipped with rubber features on the side of the band, so that no waste gets between the hardware and the belt. A small innovative addition that saves maintenance costs.

Waste belt
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