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Control Modules



To get the most out of the IRISS camera system, an IRISS Host is highly recommended. The IRISS Host gives the user even better control over their processing.

An IRISS Host in combination with the IRISS camera system has a number of advantages:

  • Higher capacity

  • Data collection (see IRISS Analytics), is optimalised when the IRISS Host and IRISS Hardware are connected.

  • The production processes are better structured. The coherence of IRISS Hardware and IRISS Host ensures simplicity and structure: in our opinion the right addition to the production process.

  • The IRISS Host provides perfect insight into the production capacities of the machines. This ensures that we can design optimal custom solutions for the customer.

  • Ready for the future!

Buffer conveyor belts


For customers who do extra quality control after the initial processing, we have built a special control module for your buffer conveyor belts. This special control provides an optimal balance between buffering bunches and supplying bunches to the inspectors.


This module can be placed on old conveyor belts or complete with new buffer conveyor belts in the length you require.

Buffer belts
Bunching station


The bunching station control is a replacement for your existing bunching station control. There are a number of improvements to the new bunching station controls:

  • Higher processing capacity

  • The bunching stations can fulfill more functions compared to its predecessor.

  • More data insight is possible thanks to the innovative data storage in the bunching stations. In this way, all loading and measurement data of every flower in the bunching station are clearly displayed.

  • There are more control options available at our bunching stations, compared to its predecessors.

  • The bunches are weighed: a unique feature for a bunching station.

  • The system of the bunching stations can carry out checks themselves. On the basis of this check, it can be noticed whether something is broken or is even breaking down. Downtime can thus be avoided.

  • The user can immediately find all data of the flowers at the station on the display.

4MT bunching station control
Coding systems

4MT offers customers the possibility to build a coding and registration systems on their machines. With these systems, customers can gain better insight into the performance of employees and an extra step can be taken in the quality of the end product.

Coding buttons


The coding buttons from 4More Technology serve as an extra innovative addition when loading the products in the production process.

The staff can use the coding buttons to make additional choices about the qualities of the products. This concerns the qualities that are not clearly visible to the vision system, such as certain diseases that are difficult to detect.

Thanks to the coding buttons, extra values can be added to the products by the human eye.

Control bar


The control bar, an innovative addition to your production process.

Create extra supervision in the coding process and have someone do that extra quality control. This guarantees that only the right products enter your processing system.

For each product, a specific color runs along the LED strip. This color indicates which employee loaded the product and what quality is assigned to it. This allows the final inspection staff to check the employees.

control module
Interested or questions?

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