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IRISS Hydrangea

IRISS Hydrangea


4More Technology has transferred the success of IRISS Roses to hydrangeas. IRISS Hydrangea is the system that ensures perfect, uniform bunches of hydrangeas. IRISS Hydrangea is available for both large and small nurseries. The range consists of the IRISS Hydrangea Mobile and the IRISS Hydrangea Sorting Machine.

The IRISS camera system takes high quality photos that lead to very accurate measurements. IRISS Hydrangea can measure bulb diameter, bulb color and stem length. This stem length measurement is optional for the IRISS Hydrangea Mobile. With these measurements, the hydrangea is classified according to sorting parameters that are determined by the user. As a result, the hydrangeas are sorted into perfect uniform bunches. Working with IRISS Hydrangea ensures a higher yield, reliability & efficiency, uniformity & quality in your hydrangeas.​



As with any automation, reliability is essential. IRISS is known for being very accurate: a quality that enhances its reliability.

The operation of IRISS Hydrangea has been kept as simple as possible, while making optimal use of the many possibilities it offers. This ease of use gives the possibility to be served by any staff member, regardless of their background.​

IRISS Hydrange sorting machine
IRISS Hydrangea mobile
Complete solution

With the IRISS Hydrangea Sorting Machine, a complete solution for the grower has been developed. Up to 1200 flowers per hour are assessed by their unique characteristics: bulb diameter, color and flower length are accurately recorded. Where necessary, the stems are cut to size and then sorted according to the values preset by the user. This allows uniform bunches to be created, that can be bunched by the employee without cutting. By optimizing the sorting process, labor savings of 25-40% are achieved.​



Uniformity is key with IRISS Hortensia. This means: producing perfect, uniform bunches of hydrangeas. The user can easily set multiple measurement values, so that the uniformity is shaped according to his own preference. These can be measured values determined by the user, but it is also possible to respond to the wishes of the customer. For example, does the customer only want stems of 55 cm? This is easy to achieve with IRISS Hydrangea.

Modular system


The IRISS Hydrangea Sorting Machine can be fully adapted to your wishes. Due to the modular system, the machine can easily be adapted to the space you have available. Are you going to move, do you want to move the machine to a larger space, or does the machine prove to be insufficient afterwards? Modules can then easily be added, without having to incur high costs for adapting the existing machine. The capacity can also be easily doubled by installing a 2nd machine.

The possibilities are endless!​



Because all exact measurements of each hydrangea are stored in a database, a great deal of additional detailed information is created. This can be an invaluable extra tool for both cultivation and marketing.​

Purple hydrangeas
IRISS vision system module


The IRISS Hydrangea Mobile is a small and compact device. The mobile version is unique in that it can be used anywhere. In addition, it also meets our high quality requirements: it is very reliable, efficient and, thanks to its compactness, it is very easy to use.

Due to the low investment, the IRISS Hortensia Mobile means that IRISS technology is also within reach for the smaller grower.

Is IRISS Hydrangea for you?​


If you are interested in IRISS Hydrangea, please contact us using the contact form below.​

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