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Processing roses can be done faster and more efficient! The Intelligent Rose Inspection & Sorting System, IRISS, is the system that makes it possible to compile the most beautiful uniform bunches of roses. IRISS Roses stands for a higher yield in rose processing, for reliability & efficiency, uniformity & quality, but also for simplicity in use and maintenance. 

The state of the art vision system was developed in 2016 to replace the outdated camera technology from the 90's of Aweta rose sorting machines. With the arrival of the IRISS system, sorting with these machines has been taken to a higher level.


Top quality roses, Inspected by IRISS.



By measuring exact values, IRISS Roses provides the grower with a distinctiveness, thereby achieving the maximum achievable return.

IRISS Roses uses cameras that can map the rose perfectly by means of 3-dimensional measurements. The width, height and maturity of the bud are measured at a glance. In addition, the color of the bud is well visualized.


The stem of the rose is also measured. This length measurement of the stem is very important, because every millimeter is valuable. The stem is no longer cut unnecessarily short by overhanging leaves. This increases the average stem length of the entire batch. In addition, the thickness and curvature of the stem are measured. If desired, a crooked stem can be shortened in such a way that a shorter, but straighter rose remains. The user determines the sorting settings. This flexibility allows you to get the optimum profit from your crop.

Avalanche white roses. Optimal grading by the vision of IRISS
Uniform bunches, inspected and sorted by IRISS on an Aweta rose sorting machine


Because all the exact measuremens of each rose are stored in a database, a lot of extra detailed information is created. This can be an invaluable extra tool for both cultivation and marketing.​

Insight in your crop with the data of IRISS


An easy and clear operation while maintaining optimal control for the user, have been the main motives in the design of IRISS Roses. The very extensive possibilities of IRISS Roses are clearly arranged in an innovative and simple operation.

Due to a very accurate length and thickness measurement of the stem, a uniform bunch in every conceivable composition is possible. ​IRISS Roses determines the product class, based on the characteristics that the user determines himself, because each product group is ranked in priority by the user. This unique sorting approach ensures that each rose receives the maximum price. This way every rose goes to the right bunch and the most uniform bunches ever are created.​



Thanks to detailed insight into the production, the user retains optimal control during sorting. The limits of all measurement values are easy to adjust. Think of color, ripeness, width, height, thickness, curvature and length of the stem. Direct feedback makes it immediately clear what the consequences of an adjustment will be. Continuous grip on the process gives the maximum return.


Many diagnostic options are available to maintain control over the process. With the diagnosis given, the user can often solve a malfunction himself. If problems do arise, our service department is available to provide professional assistance and solve problems remotely or on site as quickly as possible.​

To measure is to know, precise sorting of roses with IRISS
Eliminate crooked stems with IRISS
Is IRISS Roses for you?


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