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Our process
Customer: we focus on you


It is important to us to communicate with our customers on an equal footing. We therefore see our customers as partners, not as ordinary customers.

However, you do remain our main focus. By involving you in the entire development process, we can listen carefully to your needs, requirements, wishes and interests. We then translate these factors perfectly into actual products. As a result, you will receive a product that optimally fits your processing process and fits perfectly in your company.​

IRISS vision system for Aweta rose sorting machine

We want to establish, improve and maintain our relationship unconditionally. It's important to always work together. By having a perfect picture of your needs and wishes, we can better respond to those needs from your perspective. This allows us to treat each other as equals, which in turn leads to mutual respect.

Innovation: always looking for improvement​


We constantly strive for improvement of our products. Our staff has the knowledge and motivation to always look for perfection. This perfection ensures that we can always meet your questions and requirements.

Stagnation means decline. A motto that we have made our own, regarding our innovation. By always looking for improvements, also for existing products, we get the maximum return from our products.​

Open and honest: our corporate culture​


Our corporate culture is characterised by our collaborations. We are small in stature but, big in ideas. Our company size and young vision highlights informality. This informality ensures openness and honesty. As a result, our communication is without fuss: we tell you how it is and what we think. This creates trust between us and you.​

Work in progress at 4MT
Service: optimal collaboration


After purchasing a product, a personal collaboration begins. We will maintain contact with you, so that we know exactly the status the status of your purchased product. With this knowledge we can solve any problems as soon as possible.

We are also very flexible: we can always help you immediately with malfunctions or problems. This can be distinct remote assistance or our skilled service technicians will meet you as soon as possible.

We like to think along with you. If you encounter problems or if you are unsure about a matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we look for the best solution for your situation. ​

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