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Our History


4More Technology was founded on 26-09-2011 by founders Kees Bukman, Dirk Bac and Leo Crezee.

When 4MT was founded, they developed the SGL Analyzer and the SGL Smartbox together with SGL. Both products help SGL, the market leader in stadium field management, to optimally control its grass growth and maintenance.

After this success, 4MT started working on other projects such as IRISS: a measuring/grading machine that turned out to be distinctive on the rose market. Thanks to IRISS, rose growers were able to create and sort uniform bunches more accurately. This simple to operate, but highly innovative solution proved to fully meet the customer's needs. Partly because of this, the product became a great success.

Furthermore, the company grew exponentially in the first years after its foundation.


On 20-02-2020 we moved to a new, more suitable location for the growing company. Here we proceeded with new successful projects such as our bunch positioning conveyor belt, our conveyor belt control and our leaf waste conveyor belt.

Our latest project, IRISS Hydrangea, now has main focus. IRISS Hydrangea is a measuring machine that stems from the success of IRISS Roses. IRISS Hydrangea Mobile is a smaller, more flexible version of IRISS Roses. This variant of the product has been completely designed according to the needs of the growers. Furthermore, IRISS Hydrangea contains improved software and new mechanics compared to IRISS Roses. And with the arrival of the IRISS Hydrangea Sorting Machine, an efficient sorting method is now also available for this cut flower.

The future

We like to look to the future: our drawing board is full of innovative ideas and products!


However, we know that our grand plans for the future can only be realized in collaboration with our customers. Your needs, interests, demands, wishes and expectations are the driving force for both our and your success.


That is why we want to enter the future together with you. 4More Technology: for you, with you. 

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